Tuesday, 16 December 2014

You've been Tabled!

Morning folks.

Some time ago, there was this thing called Warhammer. It was awesome, and I got pretty good at it. I started to blog about my experiences, my armies, my progress, and things went from there. Over time, however, the game became too expensive and the joy of the game became diluted largely by over-pushy tournament play. I drifted away from that which brought me into the world of gaming, and so the blog came to a close.

Key in some date maybe two years ago, and I rediscovered my love of gaming through those that started it all, board games. Many of you may have heard, but apparently we currently live in a golden age of board games, and I couldn't agree more. Games are so accessible to people now, but more importantly, people have finally realized that there is nothing wrong in enjoying them, and finally come out of the shell. Say what you will; everybody is a gamer whether they want to admit it or not.

So, where is this all going? Well, it brings me to the here and now, and this here new blog. Over the past few years, while enjoying playing as many games as I can in what time I can, I have also gotten heavily involved in the gaming scene again here in Limerick, and by extension Ireland (its a small country). This has been capped by my involvement in two large and successful gaming events, BroCon and Knavecon. The important thing about gaming events is they achieve the main goal of gaming on a mass scale; bringing people together.

And that is the main aim of this blog. Through reviewing games, talking about events, and raising issues, my hope is to get people really talking about games, because talking about it is the first step to helping the scene grow. A key issue discussed a lot is the value of face-to-face versus online gaming, and so I intend to look at video games as well every so often, as they fill their own role in things.

With each article I intend to finish with a question to the audience to try and spark some discussion. When people talk about games, they want to play games, and when they play games, our work has achieved something. So over the coming months, expect lots of reviews (there are too many games out there for only a handful of people to cover), lots of discussion, and lots of fun.

Get geared up, assemble your party, and prepare to be Tabled.


And so to start right off the bat, today I ask you simply; what particular games and/or gaming related topics might you like to see covered on Tabled?

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  1. 1. Painting boardgames miniatures for complete noobs ;)
    2. How to promote boardgames to general public?
    3. Irish boardgame designers, where are you???