Friday, 13 March 2015

What We Leave Behind

Going back into the digital realm today's piece, I want to talk about a relatively new game that has taken the video game realm by story. Appropriately, I feel it would also make an excellent board game with the right mechanics. It's roguishly good, and all about what you leave behind; I am talking about Rogue Legacy.

This a game in the vein of the games of old; side-scrolling dungeon-crawling action. The premise is that the King has been mortally injured and his kids go off to find a flower that can cure him. It is locked away in the castle and they must defeat four bosses to get the keys. You play as one of these siblings to try and save dear old dad, or at least you try, until the game reminds you quickly that it isn't that easy an gets you killed. This is where Rogue Legacy comes into its own.

When you die, instead of going back to a past continue or save, your heir takes over. You must re-enter the castle with a brand new character, using the spoils of your past adventure to level up and bulk up with gear and upgrades. And a devious doorman charges you for re-entry to the castle so you can't just stockpile your gold. The game levels with you to a point, to keep itself consistently challenging, pushing you slowly to move toward the more difficult areas above, below, and beyond the castle. Each of these heirs will also have silly traits with surprising effects, such a vertigo which turns the screen upside down, or IBS which causes the controller to vibrate violently every time you are hit. It's quirky, it's unique, it needs to made into a board game. It has very little tact, and that's what makes it so damn entertaining.

It is a challenge of perseverance, patience, and a sense of humour that I highly recommend everyone to try out.


Based on what i think could be done with this game tabletop wise, my question for today is what video game or other media do you think would make an excellent board game?


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